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How It Works

Submit a request via the custom form below and we’ll send you a quick questionnaire to get a better idea of the specifics of your project.  Once that is all filled out we will schedule a time to meet at our studio or chat on the phone.  We’ll go over all the details of your custom process and discuss a design direction for your piece.

If we are sourcing stones for your piece, we will pull 3-5 options for you to choose from.  Each stone will be handpicked just for you, based on our initial design discussion. 

Once we have chosen a design direction and stones, we’ll move on to designing your jewelry.  We will hand render three design options for you to choose from, each inspired by your design direction and personal style preferences. 

After choosing your design, we will work with our team of artisans to fabricate your piece by hand.  Once it’s finished it will be delivered to you!

Custom Gallery - A Library of Past Works

How it's Made

We take great care in tracing all of our materials. Our diamonds are mostly post -consumer or lab grown. We do also offer conflict free new production diamonds, which are mainly sourced from Canada and Australia.  

We take just as great of care in the procurement of our sapphire and semi precious stone selection. Many of which are sourced domestically here in the US from Montana, Oregon, Arizona and Idaho.

Every piece of jewelry we make is hand finished by master jewelers, using traditional fabrication methods. We work with a team of family owned businesses to cast, stone-set and polish our custom jewelry.  Many of these artisans are third or fourth generation jewelers. The skill, mindfulness and level of craftsmanship they have cultivated is truly unparalleled.

We work with casters who use recycled gold, fair mined gold, or alloy of the two.  To learn more about gold, visit our materials page

Fine Jewelry is a purchase that should last a lifetime.  In many cases it becomes a heirloom and part of your personal story. We are here to fine tune every last detail of the process, and your piece to make something truly special. 

The Process

Working with us on a bespoke piece of jewelry is a truly collaborative process. We are here to listen and work with you to bring your vision to life. Our process prioritizes quality time and attention to every last detail. We'll work with you every step of the way.

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