Materials & Sustainability

Jewelry & Production Practices
Each piece of jewelry from our studio is finished by hand with great care and maintains subtle qualities from our jewelers touch.  All of our pieces are fabricated in small made to order groupings, so as to never over produce and ensure materials are consciously consumed.  Every piece from Faeber Studio is produced in NY through partnerships with local artisans, refineries and family owned businesses. 


We pride ourselves on minimizing waste and environmental damage through mindful production and material use. All of our jewelry is hypo allergenic and nickel free. To learn more about your metal of choice please see below. 

Silver: All silver is SCS certified 100% recycled silver.  

Solid Gold (10kt, 14kt, 18kt, 20kt):

Solid gold is a forever material, it will not oxidize or discolor with time, and is truly suited for everyday wear. 

Our solid gold pieces are made from 70% recycled gold and 30% Fairmined certified gold.  Working with  recycled gold minimizes our environmental impact and working with Fairmined gold helps us to ensure that the gold mining of the future is both environmentally and ethically sound. 
Lots of people ask, why not just use recycled gold? The reason is to ensure the growth of traceable mine to market gold sources, that are mindful of their workers and the environment. By choosing to work with Fairmined certified suppliers we are investing in a better future for miners and the environment.